Windpony Music
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Robert Windpony plays his spirit songs in traditional Native style. No electronically created "nature" sounds or artificial instrumentation. Robert plays Woodlands, Plains, and Lakota style flutes in the keys of low A to high C. Robert writes song/instruction books for 6 hole and 5 hole flutes and designs his Windpony flutes in various soft, hard, and exotic woods. When Robert records or performs in concert, he plays each song differently each time. Robert feels that his playing is guided by spirit and that his flute playing gives voice to his spirit songs. Robert divides his time between the deserts, high plateaus and mountains of the southwest and his journeys are the foundation of his music.
KSBR-FM 88.5: DJ Thorton, Mission Viejo, CA
"I listened to the clips you sent and it fits the format of the show, I want to hear more."

KSFR-FM 90.7: Albert Cata, San Juan Pueblo, NM
"It is a fantastic gift and we liked the music so much we moved you to the front of the line."

KRIM-FM 96.3: Susan Michaels Payson, AZ
"This is beautiful! I enjoyed the music very much. While it doesn't fit our format of Classic Rock, I still may be able to utilize it in the other ways."

KCCK 88.3 FM: Mark Jayne, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
"I have played Robert's music on NB and really enjoyed the simplicity and sereneness of his work."

WQLN 91.3 FM: Rob Hoff, Erie, PA
"Each track from each of the two CDs has been aired on JazzFlight. Listener response has been favorable, especially from younger listeners."

HPPR: Mary Palmer Garden City, KS
"I can already tell from the on-line samples that we will be able to add your music to our variety program High Plains Morning."

Dmitry Shakin: Voices of The Plant, Russia
I am honored to write to you from Russia. Let me tell you a few words about myself. My name is Dmitry Shakin and I produce several special radio shows on Vladivostok Broadcasting Corporation (Russian Far East) such as "New Era" (New Age Music, contemporary instrumental) and "Voices of the Planet" (music from around the world).

If you asked for my personal opinion, I would say that this music is really something extraordinary since it has an ability to break down all the barriers helping us to understand each other better.